AI Thrust rides on the strong research background at HKUST and is committed to basic and applied research in artificial intelligence. We aim to nurture high-level research and application talents with strong professional skills, interdisciplinary capabilities, and international perspectives. Our team of highly qualified faculty members actively promotes interdisciplinary research, and strives to build an AI research ecosystem that is Greater Bay Area-based, internationally oriented, and HKUST branded. We envisage here a talent incubator, an innovative center, a dream hatchery, and a future enlightener.


In July 2017, the State Council of China issued the “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan”, which laid out a three-step plan to help China become a world leader in AI by 2030. The Artificial Intelligence Thrust area under the Information Hub at HKUST (GZ) is established to grow HKUST’s strength in AI and contribute to the nation’s drive to become a world leader in AI. PhD programs in AI will be offered as an integral part of the endeavor to establish the AI Thrust as a world-renowned AI research center with the mission to advance applied research in AI as well as fundamental research relevant to the application areas.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program aims to train students in original research in AI, and to cultivate independent, interdisciplinary, and innovative thinking that is essential for a successful AI-related career in the industry or academia. A candidate for a PhD degree is expected to demonstrate mastery of knowledge in the chosen discipline and to synthesize and create new knowledge, making original and substantial scientific contributions to the discipline.


  • AI in Design
  • AI in Security and Privacy
  • AI in Smart Cities
  • AI in Business
  • AI in Smart Living
  • AI in Transportation
  • AI in Finance
  • AI in Manufacturing
  • AI in Talent Intelligence

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