Welcome to the Information Hub at HKUST(GZ)

The primary goal of the Information Hub is to promote excellence in the fields of information science and technology by facilitating education and cutting-edge research to further the economic and social development of the country. The hub consists of four key thrusts, namely Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and Analytics (DSA), Internet of Things (IoT), and Computational Media and Arts (CMA), which work collaboratively together in a streaming pipeline to develop students' skills and drive innovative research.

The IoT thrust collects data from devices that are intelligently designed, which is then integrated, cleaned, stored, indexed, enhanced, and labeled by DSA. The information produced by DSA is used by AI thrust to apply advanced models and algorithms, specifically designed for prediction and classification tasks. The results are vividly demonstrated through advanced Human Computer Interface (HCI) techniques developed by CMA for end-users.  Meanwhile feedback are collected and sent back to the previous three thrusts, creating a perfect loop for training and research.

Information acts as the central factor that links all thrusts, fueling research in various areas of information science and technology. The hub's ultimate objective is to equip students with the expertise to collect and manage data, design algorithms and models, and demonstrate  results. This well-designed pipeline also offers opportunities to explore challenges faced in implementing the pipeline in real-life practical applications.

Currently, the Information Hub has established several key research labs and industry collaboration labs, offering exclusive opportunities for faculty and students to undertake impactful research on genuine applications. The Information Hub has a team of world-class facultys.

We welcome ambitious students with a passion for information science and technology to join us at the Information Hub.

Prof. Lei Chen

Chair Professor
Dean of Information Hub
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)