Welcome to the Information Hub at HKUST(GZ)

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) (HKUST(GZ)) is located in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), which is hailed by many as “the world’s factory” for its flourishing manufacturing industry. Over the past decade, service industry and service-oriented manufacturing have also mushroomed in the area. However, with the emergence of more and more enterprises in this fashion, the line between the manufacturing and service industries has become blurred. At the same time, GBA has also seen strong growth of creative industries featuring a broad spectrum of areas including media, design, and arts. Looking ahead to the birth of new and unimaginable industries in the next decade, the Information Hub will nurture talents capable of providing solutions to the challenges facing various sectors beyond manufacturing and service amidst digital transformation.

At HKUST(GZ), we adopt a problem-oriented and mission-encouraged pedagogy approach to program development, realized in the form of a robust cross-disciplinary collaboration. The mission-encouraged approach facilitates both applied and fundamental research. Digital transformation in all walks of life, for instance, is itself a specific mission, and impacts different aspects for GBA and beyond. In light of this, we have created a cross-disciplinary platform to build a talent pool to address global challenges arising from human interactions with information and data technology in the digital transformation era; support the National Informationalization Development Strategy; and meet the global demand for information technology skills. With the establishment of the four thrusts, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and Analytics (DSA), Internet of Things (IoT), and Computational Media and Arts (CMA) under the Hub, we actively promote academia-industry collaboration and stimulate research with practical application, as well as cultivating high-end professionals and leaders in the digital field.

In addition to forging close partnerships with industry to initiate joint research, student exchange programs and internships, and academia-industry co-supervision schemes within GBA, the Hub will also reach out to the global academic community to explore student exchange, collaborative scientific research, international conferences, and many more opportunities. With HKUST’s international reputation earned over the past three decades, we are well-placed to achieve our goals.

One of the core competencies we endeavor to cultivate in our students is Digital Quotient. Intelligence Quotient predominated the world for a long time and hence a clever mind was viewed as an essential quality for a problem solver, but, as the challenges we faced became increasingly intricate, teamwork skills came into play and Emotional Quotient reigned. The tide now turns again, and an era of Digital Quotient is imminent. The ability to master information and data technology to solve problems will become pivotal in a world where business and collaboration continue to take on new forms. Developing your Digital Quotient would equip you with the ability to navigate the growingly loose dichotomy of the academic and industrial worlds like a knife through butter.

Extending on HKUST’s advocacy of a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative community, HKUST(GZ) welcomes the best local and global talents to shine within our Hub structure and join forces to facilitate cross-disciplinary education, research, and knowledge transfer.The Information Hub opens its door to all candidates who are enthusiastic and have the ability to pursue high-impact research in AI, DSA, IoT, and CMA. By 2022, our Hub will have 40 to 50 faculty members joining us and we look forward to seeing more like-minded people to be part of our education transformation journey!

Prof. Fugee Tsung

Chair Professor

Acting Dean of Information Hub

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)