• Daisy JIANG Liying

    Duties - Coordination, PR, Branding and Promotion, Non-Academic Hiring

  • Kelly ZHU Jiali

    Duties - UG Program Administration and Research Project Management

  • Vivian FANG Zhi

    Duties - Academic Personnel Administration, Talent plan, Purchasement

  • ZHENG Yufan

    Duties - PG Program Administration: Student Admission, Outreach and Promotion for Admission, Student Affairs, Program Secretariat

  • Cassie XIE Ruyi

    Duties - PG Program Administration: Student Record, Student Finance, Student Affairs, Program Secretariat

  • Rachel CAI Linshan

    Duties - Secretarial support to the Hub and Thrusts

  • Jackie LI Jiaqi

    Duties - PR, Branding and Promotion